June 19, 2011


It shocks me to learn how some men fool the innocent village girls. (Sorry if I sound feminist) but I can’t help it here. I was just having a chit chat with my regular group of friend in the staffroom when a colleague joined us. What he shared left us bewildered. Can a man go to that extent to satisfy his lust? (Oops! Sorry for generalizing again) well, without much ado, let me narrate some of the excerpts from his life.

He is legally married to a woman with two daughters but he also fathers another three by different women (according to him). We urged him to tell us the details and he was only too willing to share but without revealing the identity of the women. I think he suspects that I would know one of the women because I know too much about the place. 

According to him, when he first got transferred to one of the schools in the extreme east, he was already married with a daughter but his physique could deceive the people around because he just looked like a school going adolescent instead of a father of a daughter. Because of his appearance, he could woo the innocent village girl with his sweet talks and they believed him. And one such girl came to father his daughter without the knowledge of his legal wife. Keeping two separate families without letting the one know about the other was a complicated task he says.

 Once he even tried to attempt a suicide when the things got complex. Complex as things might have been when his legal wife wanted to come and spend her holidays with him when he was living with another woman. And his other girlfriend of two years showed up at his doorstep during the same time. With three women about to come together he had to do something to save his skin. When he found no excuse, he took refuge in alcohol and climbed the roof of the house where he was a tenant. He says that he took some steps toward the edge of the roof and when he looked down he thought about the pain he would undergo if his mission was not successful. He didn’t want to live a life of a cripple if he just broke his legs instead of ending his life. With so many mixed thoughts he tentatively retreated his steps and climbed down the ladders which lead him to the roof before. He decided that he would deal with the situation instead of running away from it. 

The next morning, he went to receive his legal wife with a bright smile after sending his girlfriend of five months to her mother’s house for few days. The wife unaware of his husband’s deceit spent some blissfully happy days for few days and returned home. After his wife left for home, his girlfriend resumed the role of a wife and she bore him a daughter. The poor girl was shattered when he applied for transfer and left the place after about two years.

Even after all these episodes he hasn’t changed his ways but his wife trusts him blindly. And looking at him I can’t help thinking about those innocent girls (I have mentioned only one of his mischievous incidence) whose whole youth he had stolen and when I remarked he said, “We have just one life to live, so make best use of it”. 

Is it noble to make best use of our life at the expense of others? I am definitely not for it.  How I hate it whenever I hear such idiotic phrase…


  1. cosali" We have just one life to live, so make best use of it ”. Well definitely what u said was right that it is such an idiotic phrase..........after reading his short life story!!!!!!!!!!

  2. well..sad for those girls....but he is on the spree of such activities not because he is able to lure those girls...but because those girls allow him to be able to do....i mean to say...girls should in any case be able to get themselves educated on such activities related with men...but man is also so narcissistic to share such things openly...i hope he is not a teacher....if he is a teacher...i fear what he is teaching in the class to the students...

  3. @ saxoniest...Thanks for the comment. yeah definitely idotic...lol
    @ sogyal... it is sad indeed to hear such tales of our rural girls but with the millennium goal of achieving 100 literacy I am hopeful that the girls will have better understanding of their life and better future in times to come ...:)

  4. I don't know anyone who could have behaved so abominably. Its pathetic ya...such people doesn't have self respect or what???Like Soygel says what he might teach in the class ??

  5. Anu...yeah it sounds pathetic... :(

  6. This is miserable! Even though I have heard such cases before, my anger reaches the same level every time!

    I wish all these girls could teach this guy a good lesson! But as I have noticed, mostly the women try to save her love in spite of his betrayals. But they should never consider themselves this weak!

    Well this is not a gender war, the people are getting used and manipulated irrespective of their gender!