June 5, 2011

Still many more…

A friend once asked, “Where are you planning to construct your house?” I stared at her baffled since I did not know what she was talking about. It was only after some queries that I came to know she was planning to construct a house after having bought a plot of land. But for me, a house was not in the scene for some years. When I said so to my friend, she lectured me on giving a second thought on she said and reminded me that it was time for me to think about myself and my family. Hmm…now, that made me think…” Am I doing the right thing?”

Well, when I was a child, I thought I would be satisfied when I got a job and started earning. I studied hard and got a job before I stepped into adulthood. When I started earning, I thought I should help my parents in sharing the expense of my younger siblings and I did just that. A few years down and I got married. I started sharing expense in sending the younger siblings of my husband to school. Then my children came into my life. My younger siblings got settled and my children started going to school but there was still no time for me to relax and think about saving for my future.  

There are older family members at home to be taken care of.  My parents are not getting any younger and I asked them to come and stay with me but they are unwilling to leave their native place.
Now in my middle age, I have my children in school and performing quite well academically but I would look very selfish if I neglected my niece and nephews who are less fortunate. So, I brought my niece with me so that she can go to school with me. 
Last time when I met my niece, who spent some of her initial years in primary school with me, she asked who I was taking with me this year. And when I mentioned about her young cousin, she remarked “when are you going to be free of the responsibilities?” I shrugged my shoulder and replied, “May be in my deathbed”.
I may not be able to build a house like my friends are doing but when I reflect back to what I did; I know that I have not wasted my life. I have people I can count on when needed, so I think I can let the house go and build strong family bond instead. 
And my responsibilities still continues… my children are still in school and there are thousand and one things to be done…but no house in range :D


  1. .....and life stretches its palm, with all its fingers spread before us;each finger leading to trail unknown and filled with burdens of responsibility! Sigh! This is life Bells!

  2. nicely written, I like the way the way how you wanted to build a family rather than a house....

    its very charming writeup from an equally charming mother and aunt....

    thanks for sharing it here......

  3. @ dd...truly pointed out..."and life stretches its palm, with all its fingers spread before us;each finger leading to trail unknown and filled with burdens of responsibility!" wow gal...so poetic... me likes it ...:)
    @ Kuenzang... Thanks for the comment and the compliment... :)