November 10, 2012

An extract

Sorting out things and packing to move to the new destination was not an easy job yet one cannot escape from it when time came. I was doing the same  (in the month of February 2012) when I came across a cartoon full of books that belonged to my late brother-in-law.  At first I thought I would just pack it and send it home but my younger sister who was helping me pack thought better of it and we started sorting out his books.
We started taking his books one by one and came across a notebook. I didn’t pay much attention to it by my sister kept on reading the note and passed it to me and asked me to read through it. The following lines are some of the extract from my late brother-in-law’s note.

I salute you!

The hardship that you are facing to bring changes in the lives of the remote highland children is indeed commendable. You are an inspiration that many of us need. We grumble about the competence about our administrators and the behavior of our students but you have accepted the challenge and stood firm with your decision to serve those students despite the harsh conditions and misfortune.

I salute you Madam Chimi and Keep up the good work.