September 28, 2013

Driving in Rain

“Mam,  Apa sir’s daughter is unconscious. She is being referred to Jomotsangha but there isn’t a single vehicle at this hour” said the caller as soon as I picked up phone. I was in dilemma as it was getting dark and I had never driven at night owing to my poor vision and the road to Jomotsangkha was very rough owing to constant rainfall.
“ I am coming to Apa sir’s place. Tell them to get ready” saying that I shut down my laptop, grabbed the keys and rushed out as the baby’s life was at stake.

September 1, 2013

The Ghost Show

A man claimed that he could summoned Ghosts and Spirits and dared his friends and neighbors to come and see his claims. Many days passed and people became very curious. Everyone wanted to see the ghosts though they were very scared. The man announced a day for is ghost revealing show and many friends and neighbors flocked into his house leaving behind the children at home to see the ghost.