July 27, 2010

A night with nights in Rodanthe

Someone had talked about the movie version of the book “nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks and I was very eager to lay my hands on it but I wanted to read the book first. After a much wait, I found myself opening the book yesterday. The much awaited book was in my hand and I gingerly opened the book after having sent my kids to bed.

July 22, 2010

The promise of dawn

The night was creeping in but the weather did not change. The rain was as heavy as ever and the platter of raindrops could be heard on the roof in between the deafening thunder and lightening. To make it worse the frequent thunder and lightening had resulted in power cutoff. She wished for the weather outside to change. She could smell the dampness in her room and wished for sunshine in her room as well as her life.

Her life had been floating downstream for a couple of months but she hadn’t lost her hope of seeing the silver lining among the dark clouds.

Her life had been perfect just a few months ago before it came crashing down. Her life revolved around her grandmother who had toiled hard to get her educated. She did not have a single memory of her parents. She was told that they died in an accident and there wasn’t even a picture to remember them by. When she was small she sometimes asked her grand mother about her parents but as she grew, she didn’t feel the need to know her parents, so she just knew their names from her birth certificate she possessed. Her grand mother became her world.

When she graduated she got herself a job and made her grandmother quit her job since her health was deteriorating. With determination and hard work she climbed the ladder of success and got promoted to a team leader in the firm she worked. Being a team leader was very challenging but she loved facing challenges and turning them into opportunities and success. Everything was perfect when suddenly her world came crashing down. One night she was chatting with her grandmother and the next morning she found that she was all alone in the world. She felt her grandmother’s cold body and felt herself becoming breathless. The next thing she remembered was waking up in the hospital bed. She had survived a major cardiac arrest and  was advised bed rest. Since then nothing was what it used to be.  Her work suffered as well as her health.
The weather outside reminded her of her present condition – helpless, bedridden and lonely. She thought of her grandmother and knew that her grandmother would not have wanted her to be that way. She was a survivor and knew that she would strive to live the life her grandmother wanted her to live. The long night gave way to dawn  and with it brought the promise and hope.
She could see her silver lining among those dark clouds as the dawn began to break…

July 20, 2010

The Olympic day 2010

I got to the public ground at 5 O’clock in the morning and it was raining very heavily. There were many participants eagerly waiting for their friends to turn up so that they could head off to the starting point. They were participating for the open marathon organized by the BOC to celebrate the world Olympic day 2010. Despite the weather everyone looked forward to the day’s events.  
I was the first among the volunteer to be there. As the minutes clicked by many other volunteers joined me, all dressed in yellow T-shirt and white caps. It was quite an amazing sight to behold. We got to work assigned a day earlier and it was fun working in rain. We got drenched but we enjoyed every bit of time spent there. It was only when a friend asked whether I had breakfast when I realized that I hadn’t had a cup of tea till 10 O’clock in the morning which was so unusual of me. J  The day ended with prize distribution and we all headed home tired but contented. 

Note: I wrote this on 18th July but couldn't post it due to busy schedule.

July 8, 2010

Get well soon!

I remember the first time I saw you
the most active among the group of eight
Selected among the hundreds

You were so full of life
With so much energy
And jest for life

I never knew death lurked around
Hiding beneath
Waiting to strike

The news shattered me
To learn what you are going through
The cancer eating you away

You have so much to live for
The dreams to be fulfill
The stars to be reached

Just hang on
I know you can over come that
With the blessings from all

(I recently came to know about this student who is being treated for bone marrow cancer..)

July 6, 2010

My bleak summer break

I had planned to spend my summer holidays with my parents in the village. I had even made a list of things I would do to help them during my two weeks break. My kids were all excited and then pop! my plans blew up! My brother-in-law got diagnosed with a terminal cancer and was referred to Thimphu. My husband had to rush to Thimphu since his father was also under going treatment there.
In the mean time I had that little accident where I hurt my toe and my nail came off. I had to stay under medication for sometime which disabled me from making any journey. Thus I got stuck up at the same place.
The only positive thing about the vacation is that my toe is healing and I am having enough rest.
The days are filled with watching TV and playing online games and face booking yet I feel so bored. My kids are complaining of boredom too. We take turns to play online games and watch TV together yet we feel something is amiss.  We want to take a breath of fresh air but the weather discourages us from outdoor games. So we are stuck with doing same things over and over again.
I haven’t told my kids about their uncle, grandpa and their great mother (who is also bed ridden in the village)  and try to make the days as normal as possible but I wonder for how long. Sooner or later I am going to break down because I cannot keep on pretending everything is all right when it’s just the opposite.

We still have one more week before the session resumes and I am already looking forward to that because I find no charm in sitting idly with nothing to do and worrying over things that I have no control over.

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July 4, 2010

The dark phase of my life

“Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift that’s why it’s called a present” is a very popular line from the movie Kungfu Panda. The gift of today has to be accepted with gratitude yet I find it hard to do so. 
Many things have happened in the last few months  that I sometimes feel the god is testing my patience and faith. For months, I had spent sleepless nights and I feel that I had had enough but still things are going in the wrong direction. My gift of today is so confusing and disheartening with my many family members sick yet I hope to see the ray of sunshine at the end of the day because I read somewhere that the hours is darkest before the break of the dawn and I am hoping  to see my dawn sooner.

The more I think about it, the more it looks complicated. Fear grips my heart when I think about the unthinkable that might happen yet the faith I have keeps me going and hoping for the best. I know this dark phase in my life will pass yet I wonder for how long I need to endure all these. 

God give me strength!

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