June 18, 2012


I remember my chemistry teacher explaining the term “catalyst” as a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected, something that cause activity or friction between two or more persons or forces without itself being affected.  I remember very few lessons from that chemistry class that I attended about two decades ago but the term “Catalyst” still remain very clear in my memory even after all these years. It may be because I came to relate it with some people I come across or with some incidents that happened around me.

June 14, 2012

The Rebel in me...

This morning, I walked to my school in anticipation as my students would sit for their exams soon. I wanted to check into the rooms assigned for my students before they commence their writing and what did I find? There wasn’t any arrangement for class PP to III students. The teachers teaching those primary classes were supposed to make their own arrangements. I as a teacher teaching one of those classes wasn’t aware of it and it was unheard of in my entire teaching career. I couldn’t help the rebel in me emerge and speak out.

June 8, 2012


Unlike my previous years, my birthday went unnoticed. L No one remembered my birthday at home until after breakfast when my son suddenly asked the date. He apologized and wished me and wanted to inform his dad about it but I prevented him. I wanted to know how much my husband remembered about the special days though I knew that he would never remember until I tell him. And True to my assumption, he did not wish me even in the evening. He asked for his usual cup of tea in the evening when I accused him of being so absent minded. He looked at me baffled wondering what he might have forgotten. But when he came to know about my outburst he apologized profoundly. All I could say was “Its ok…no big deal”.

June 3, 2012

2nd June

I had planned a plantation program with the scouts and a fellow scout master to celebrate the Social Forestry day in collaboration with the Drungkhag administration and the scouts were very eager and looking forward for the day. After some wait, the day arrived and we put forward our proposal to the principal for approval. He consented to our proposal and we saw ourselves moving away from the school campus towards the temple near our school carrying the saplings that the scouts had carried from home on the day.