June 18, 2012


I remember my chemistry teacher explaining the term “catalyst” as a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected, something that cause activity or friction between two or more persons or forces without itself being affected.  I remember very few lessons from that chemistry class that I attended about two decades ago but the term “Catalyst” still remain very clear in my memory even after all these years. It may be because I came to relate it with some people I come across or with some incidents that happened around me.

In the similar manner as a catalyst may participate in multiple chemical transformations, we daily come across individuals who try to cause friction between friends and colleagues, trying to gain favour of one while trying to destroy the bond of trust and creat disharmony in the process. Like the catalysts, they may not be consumed by the reaction itself but they can be inhibited and deactivated if friends started trusting one another and people start looking at the truth and accepting them rather than trusting those catalysts who seem to seek  pleasure in causing disharmony.

Even as I write this, there may be some catalysts accelerating some friction in some form or other but as an individual, we have to learn to trust one another and mind our own mind rather than listening to them.

Writer’s note: This is a personal blog and whatever I write here is my personal expression.… J

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