July 5, 2012

My summer vacation of two weeks started on 29th June and I boarded a taxi plying to S/Jongkhar with my son. I was not very keen to journey through the flooded Assam state but I had promised my daughter and I didn’t have a heart to break my promise. It had rained continuously for weeks and we had heard the news that the Brahmaputra River had swollen flooding many district of Assam and many vehicles were stranded the day prior to my planned journey. But as luck would have it, it suddenly stopped raining and I found myself boarding a taxi with my son. We travelled through the flooded district of Udalguri and Darang and were very disheartened to see so many homeless people taking shelter by the roadside. Most of the houses were submerged in the water.

It was the first time I saw such a catastrophic scene in real. Most of the people had anguish look in their eyes but there were some who were making best use of such disastrous situation…using the net and collecting fish… J

Those few people fishing had me thinking… we always keep telling people around us to have faith and think positive but we often forget to work towards gaining the best from the situations we are facing. Those fishermen taught me that there are always opportunities around us; we just need to change our perspectives to see it.

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