October 28, 2010

My Trip to book fair

I hadn’t been to book fair before and I didn’t know what to expect out of it but I knew that I would have to select the books for the various range of readers in my school. Keeping the readers in mind, I sat with a friend and listed some books to be purchased for the school library. The task of listing books took us most of our free time before my trip to Monger. After finally consenting on the list, I left for Mongar along with the teachers from the neighbouring schools. I was cramped in the only school bus of our Dzongkhag. The bus ride was bumpy due to widening of road in many different places and we had to stop at the various stop points before we finally arrived at our destination after the dusk. I couldn’t make much about the town in the darkness. My sister had come to pick me up, so I left with her.

October 5, 2010

flickering light

Flickering light in the room
Fighting the storm
The battle went on
Till the storm won