October 16, 2016

Nothing lasts forever

This materialistic world
Urge every  individual
To rush; to crave
for wealth; for  power.
To sweat and toil
To accumulate
Assuming we live a thousand years

September 13, 2016

Let's give our best Teachers

When need is heeded everything prospers. The need for transformative learning system had been called for by citizens of all walks of life in our country and indeed the awakening to the need had been very timely. The involvement of all the teachers throughout the country in this transformative pedagogy is a history in itself. I am the part of history in making. Never before in my more than two decades of the teaching career have I seen such huge training program.

August 2, 2016

Being in Delhi

When the flight landed in the Indra Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, I was prepare for another adventurous journey. Being away from Home and family is always a worst part in life but I was ready to break away from my comfort zone. The blizzard noise of Delhi traffic was the first thing that hit me. I could not hear what the person who had come to pick me up at the airport was saying. The trip from airport to the my destination was another experience. The drivers drove the vehicles in their own whims. I shared with my co-passenger that I would never dare to drive in the streets of Delhi.

July 20, 2016

A new place, a new start

After lots of appeal, I got my transfer and I could finally join my other half of my family. It is a great relief that I am finally out of the place that I had started hating. When I start disliking something, nothing can make me change my mind and I am really glad that I am out of that place.

May 27, 2016

Nothing last forever

The sun shines bright
But I only feel the shadows
People around me laugh
But it fails to touch my heart
The children smile around
But  fails to warm me.

April 13, 2016

Random thoughts

Have you ever felt like the whole world is conspiring against you? Well I am going through that kind of phase in life: The place that I have lived for more than four years seems like a strange place. The work that I have loved since the time I started working seems less motivating and people I have worked with seems like Strangers.  The only light is my little girl who welcomes me home with her smile and laughter every time I return from my mundane routine.