February 22, 2012

All packed

Boxes piled everywhere
I try to move about,
But get bumped anyway
on things laying around

February 19, 2012

A week at Mongar

When most of my friends reported to the school on 10th February, I was out of station attending a curriculum workshop. Unlike the workshops and seminars I had attended earlier, this workshop was different. We had the session after 5.00 pm and it went on till 9.30. My friends found this change in timing quite amusing but then we had no other alternatives since the whole eastern region had power blackout during the day for about a week.

February 2, 2012

Nangi Norbu

My younger brother (who takes care of my aging parents in our native village) is quick tempered which leads to exchange of some words with his wife quite often but he is also very witty and always find a humour out of every serious situation.