February 2, 2012

Nangi Norbu

My younger brother (who takes care of my aging parents in our native village) is quick tempered which leads to exchange of some words with his wife quite often but he is also very witty and always find a humour out of every serious situation.

 A couple of weeks ago, my father was talking to him saying that a man is like '“Chigi chari” (the fencing) who protects the family and fulfill the needs of the family while the woman (wife) is “Nangi Norbu” (The internal gem) who works at home, nurturing their children and bonding the relation'. Having listened to our father for a couple of minutes, he wanted to leave the kitchen but like a dutiful son, he sat quietly nodding his head until our father left.

 A few moment later my sister-in-law came into the kitchen. Seeing his wife my brother winked and said, “wai nangi norbu… Toh tey chotcho ko…waktsa bak binang khuwa ofey na” (literally meaning…Hey internal gem…better prepare the dinner… the kids might be hungry). Hearing my brother speak thus, we couldn’t help bursting out aloud.

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