January 15, 2012

Purple cabbage

On my usual vegetable shopping, I came across a very unique cabbage. THE PURPLE CABBAGE! I wanted to try it out and bought one. I didn’t show it when I reached home because I wanted to surprise my family the next day. I carefully wrapped it in a newspaper and put it inside my refrigerator.
The next day, my kids were outside playing under the winter sun and my small nephew was nagging me about going to the shop. It was almost time for me to prepare lunch so I handed over my nephew to the baby sitter and headed inside the house and got ready to prepare the meal. 

After my rice was ready, I took out the purple cabbage. It felt awkward, chopping something strange.  I imagined a scene from Barbie cartoon where the witch prepares portion to perform magical spell. My dish looked so much out of place in my tiny kitchen. I also prepared steamed broccoli incase my kids didn’t like the purple curry that I had made.

After making everything ready, I called my kids in for lunch. They eagerly waited to be served. When I took the lid off my son looked quizzically and asked “what’s that?”
I said, “It’s a surprise. Why don’t you taste it?”
“Are you sure?”
“hey, don’t you trust your Ama?”
“well, let me take a bite, if I don’t like it, don’t expect me to eat another bite.”
“As you wish…”
I kept my fingers crossed as the kids tasted it. My daughter liked it instantly and she asked for second helping while her brother lifted his spoon reluctantly. The rest of the kids (my two nephews and the baby sitter) ate without any comment. A few moments passed and my son spoke with his mouth still full, “It tastes nice. I think we should always trust our Ama to try out something strange”. (Winking at me). My daughter burst out laughing and nudged him on his stomach before they resumed eating.

Well after that, my son has developed his unusual liking for purple cabbage and I try to prepare it at least once a week. J


  1. Ha-ha, purple cabbage! Strange though. I never saw, never tasted. But ur children liked it. Nice one, loved ur post

  2. These days the purple cabbage ( actually its called Red cabbage lo...came to know only recently) is seen in plenty here...u can try it once if it makes way to thimphu... :)