January 9, 2012

Sorting and packing

I am packing my things whenever I get time. I make a list of things that I plan to put in different bags and container. As I sort out things, I come across things that I hadn’t laid my eyes for ages. “Oh! God! Why did I buy that?” I groan and curse myself for wasting money on such useless things.
Some of the things that I haven’t used since I came here
·        I have a Panel heater that isn’t needed here.
·        There is a workout machine “Abb KingPro”… where I had spent half of my month’s salary.
·         A fryer that is least used since I bought it four years ago consumed a few thousand from my wallet.
·        My desktop lies almost idle since my children developed a keen likeness towards my laptop.
·        My DVD player which used to be one of my most prized possessions when my husband bought from Australia has collected piles of dust now.

There are many such under used things that I had collected over the years. I know I will have many more nerve wrecking packing days before I finally move from here but till then I am sorting out things to discard those underutilized things that had consumed a huge chunk of my resources. And whenever I lay my eyes on things that I hadn’t used for ages, I promise myself that I will think twice before I add another thing to my collection.

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