January 5, 2012

The Year that was

✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫ ✫
*♥* ♥*
…....... /)
……... ( , )
……..|░░░|☆Happy _(♥)_
…¨˜“გª¤.¸::¸.¤ª☆“˜¨¨New Year.
…¤¸*¸.¤ª“˜@¨¨¨* *

The first day of the year 2011, I was away from home. It felt awful. Then the days changed into weeks and a couple of weeks later I was back home to my family. The academic session started on a smooth note and my kids did very well in the school academically.

As the year progressed it brought many rough and smooth times in my life but I survived them all. I lost my brother-in-law who was fighting leukemia for more than a year. Things really got rough in the mid year when some of my relatives were involved in an accident which lead to some awful court case that extended for some months before it was finally resolved. Despite all these mishaps, I continued with my studies and in November I wrote my final exams. My hard work for three years finally paid off and I got my results. I will always reflect back to the year with bitter sweet memories.

And now as I step to the year 2012, I am packing to move to the new place with new hopes and aspiration.

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