December 28, 2011

Chiphen Rigphel Training

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he Nu 2.5B ‘Chiphen Rigpel - Enabling a Society, Empowering a Nation’ project, with its aims to make Bhutan a knowledge economy within the next five years was termed highly ambitious when it was launched at the inaugural ceremony at Jakar HSS by the agriculture minister and education secretary on 18 February, 2011. It aims at making at least 100,000 Bhutanese students completing higher secondary school in the next five years to be computer literate and equipped with the necessary skills to participate in a knowledge based society.

The Project also trains teachers in ICT and lots of teachers are undergoing training in different centers throughout the country this winter. 

I am one such beneficiary who had been undergoing training for a last couple of days. The last eight days in SJongkhar MSS had been quite enriching though it was quite dull in the beginning. I learned quite a number of new things as the days progressed. The ten days training is drawing to close and I am confident that I would be able to use the knowledge acquired when the school reopens for the next academic session in February 2012.

With so many teachers getting trained every summer and winter, I am also very certain that the Chiphen Rigphel Project is not far from achieving its target.

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