August 21, 2012

My Nephew

It has been a while since I had baby-sat. My youngest child turns 11 this September and I have almost forgotten how to handle a small child but I am learning it all over again since my 3 year old nephew came to stay with me. Staying late night…crawling with the child and holding the tiny hands every walking hours seems to be the only thing I seem to do these days.

August 14, 2012

Rural life ...

I cannot exactly say that I reside in rural community since the place does not have a close resemblance of urban vicinity. When we look at the facilities available in the area, it would certainly fall under rural description yet the ministry of Education rates it as semi urban. The reality is, this place (Jomotsangkha) boarders Assam in the extreme east and remains cutoff from the rest of the country during the strikes in the neighbouring state since we do not have road access from within the country.