August 14, 2012

Rural life ...

I cannot exactly say that I reside in rural community since the place does not have a close resemblance of urban vicinity. When we look at the facilities available in the area, it would certainly fall under rural description yet the ministry of Education rates it as semi urban. The reality is, this place (Jomotsangkha) boarders Assam in the extreme east and remains cutoff from the rest of the country during the strikes in the neighbouring state since we do not have road access from within the country.

The power supply we get is distributed from the neighbouring town of Rowta (Assam) which is about 29 km away and most of the time our electrical appliances remain unused due to non availability of power supply. Some days we get lucky  enough to see the fans in our classroom functioning while on our bad days we try to battle the heat and let the children sweat (literally). :P 

We are connected with B¬-Mobile and telephone network but the monsoon rain disturbs the net connection and sometimes we remain disconnected from the rest of the world.
The only Bank…Bhutan Development Bank in the area functions quite well but there are some inconveniences due of the unreliable net and power supply.

The price of the commodities doesn’t come cheap either. For example…A kg of chilli went up to Nu.200/kg and butter costs Nu.400/kg.

Despite all these huddles, we still strive to survive at this place…

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