December 28, 2011

Chiphen Rigphel Training

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he Nu 2.5B ‘Chiphen Rigpel - Enabling a Society, Empowering a Nation’ project, with its aims to make Bhutan a knowledge economy within the next five years was termed highly ambitious when it was launched at the inaugural ceremony at Jakar HSS by the agriculture minister and education secretary on 18 February, 2011. It aims at making at least 100,000 Bhutanese students completing higher secondary school in the next five years to be computer literate and equipped with the necessary skills to participate in a knowledge based society.

December 21, 2011

Time to pack...

After sitting in the monotonous IT class for the whole day, I return home expecting for a relaxing evening with my parents, sisters, brother and kids. I drop my colleague at her place and get home only to be greeted by a gloomy face of my husband whom I didn’t expect to be home until very late in the evening since he got some VIPs to attend to. I raise my eyes in gesture and he simply breaks the news. “I am transferred”. I thought he was kidding and said so since we didn’t expect his transfer as we have been here for only two years. He told me to look into the Home Ministry website. I did so and Yes…his name was clearly listed in the transfer list. 

December 13, 2011

The difference

I stand on the lump of the hill
Overlooking the stream
That divides the valley
On my side is a small hamlet
the home of a few inhabitants
on the other side is haven.
The hamlet looks bright at night
Like the twinkling of the stars.
cars zoom along the newly paved road.

December 6, 2011

Yuden… Yuden…

Away in the midst of crowed street, I take a ride to my university on a bus. I ride the bus every afternoon to my university where I spend six hours listening to monotonous lecture on theories and the science of applying those theories in practice when I return home after another two years. Yes! I have been away from home for a year now and I still have two more years before I bid farewell to the fast changing urban life that is chewing away my soul.