October 22, 2018

Of Facebooking and updates

If Facebook was not launched by Zuckerburg, most people would not have had avenue to pour out their frustration.:D

July 3, 2018

Random thoughts!

I had been observing and reflecting on some comments on social media. Many a times I go through the writings and comments by the people I know. Most of the time I see lots of grievance, dissatisfaction and criticism.

June 26, 2017

Meme Kota gets lodging for the night

This incident was shared by a distant aunt.
My aunt had gone to Tashigang with a group of people and they were returning home. Since it was a long journey (in the mid 80s when the motor vehicle were not readily available) on foot they had decided to rest for the night in a cave not far from the main path. They had lighted a makeshift oven and cooked their evening meal and were taking rest before their dinner when they saw a man coming their way. The man (Meme Kota) asked for shelter for the night in their cave and they agreed to let him stay with them in the cave.

February 15, 2017

Meme Kota and his horse

It was during the time when the motor vehicle (in Bhutan) was scarce and people used mule n horse for transportation. Meme Kota had a horse called “Thremo”. He used to go from place to place taking the horse to transport loads. Once he had gone to Tashigang Dzong to deliver the load and unfortunately for him, his horse littered the place. The policeman on duty saw it and asked Meme to clean the litter. Meme was quite ashamed and was not willing to clean the waste and thought for some time. He slowly walked to his horse and said in a very soothing tone as if he was talking to a child.

October 16, 2016

Nothing lasts forever

This materialistic world
Urge every  individual
To rush; to crave
for wealth; for  power.
To sweat and toil
To accumulate
Assuming we live a thousand years

September 13, 2016

Let's give our best Teachers

When need is heeded everything prospers. The need for transformative learning system had been called for by citizens of all walks of life in our country and indeed the awakening to the need had been very timely. The involvement of all the teachers throughout the country in this transformative pedagogy is a history in itself. I am the part of history in making. Never before in my more than two decades of the teaching career have I seen such huge training program.