March 30, 2011

The mock Drill

The school announced that we would be having a mock drill on disaster management today in the morning assembly. We eagerly listened as the coordinator  outlined procedures for the drill. We went back to the class and instructed the students on the same so that things would go smoothly during the drill which was scheduled after lunch.

March 28, 2011


Every day I try to battle my day with a smile on my face. Multitasking is something that needs thorough planning but I never learned to plan things in my life. I took the things as it came- one at a time, I am still doing that and I think I am good at what I do. I am a mother, wife, a teacher and a driver and I assume many role as and when needed :P

March 19, 2011

The camp experience

My principal handed me an office order stating that I was to attend a scout camp for four days away in the wilderness… I say wilderness because the camp was away from town where I had never been before though it was just about 20 kms from my place. Reading the order I realized that I had just about a few days to mentally prepare myself for the camp. I called the other colleagues mentioned in the letter and found out that we had to report to the Dzongkhag office in about three days time ( two days prior to the camp for planning). What the heck! My first reaction was to shout “to the hell with the camp in the middle of the academic session” and cancel my name from the list with a few calls but my friends suggested against it and I found myself sitting in the Dzongkhag office on the set date with the other participants cracking my brains out with the planning given the short period of time. Two days into the planning and preparation and on the third day I was driving through the dusty bumpy road into the wilderness. 

March 18, 2011


Frustrations! Frustrations! You cannot help it when you are sand-witched between two bosses.

After rushing through the busy morning hours, I finally drop my children at school and proceed to my work place. I take a look on my watch as I park my car. Yes! I was on time, just as always. The very important value that my parents taught. My father used to say “time is like a river, ever flowing. One need to keep a pace with it in order to make things happen”.

The mail

On the evening of 11th March 2011, I sat stunned as I watched the news on TV about the earthquake of 9.0 RC hitting the eastern shores of Japan. The news showed the horrifying footage of the things happening at the other end of the world - the world that held my other family; the family I had known for a brief period while I was visiting the place.

My guests

Two ladies came to occupy my cottage for more than two months. I say my cottage because, the cottage came with the bungalow allotted to my husband and we had been occupant of the same for some time now. The guest came to live at our place because they happen to be relative of my husband’s friend. Initially they said that they would be staying for a month and we agreed.