March 30, 2011

The mock Drill

The school announced that we would be having a mock drill on disaster management today in the morning assembly. We eagerly listened as the coordinator  outlined procedures for the drill. We went back to the class and instructed the students on the same so that things would go smoothly during the drill which was scheduled after lunch.


After the short lunch break, we came back to the class and resumed the session but we were alert for the signal for the drill. The wait went on and I got busy with the lesson when we heard the bell (the signal for the drill). We all ducked under the table and did as we were instructed. When we evacuated, we left two students behind since they were supposed to be the injured ones. We got onto the safe area and waited for the search and rescue team to rescue our injured students. Some time passed but there was no sign of my two students coming out. I looked at their direction and saw that they were getting restless. I signaled them to stay inside and got busy with my other students. More than twenty minutes passed and there was still no sign of my students. I couldn’t help commenting that had such thing really happened, poor injured ones would definitely perish in the name of getting rescued if the rescue team were so inefficient. 


The first attempt was declared unsuccessful and we were asked to redo the drill. We led the children back to the class and waited for yet another signal to proceed with the drill. This time the signal came without delay and the drill went on smoothly. Some teachers got shock of their life when they saw my two students being rescued by the team. I had made a replica of  an open-wound using cotton, red ink and some bandages and pasted it on the head of a girl and used another similar one on the leg of a boy. The wound looked very real. I had a hearty laugh seeing the reaction of some teachers. 

The second attempt was declared a success and we all heaved a sigh of relief and led the children back to the class to resume the lesson.

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