March 18, 2011

My guests

Two ladies came to occupy my cottage for more than two months. I say my cottage because, the cottage came with the bungalow allotted to my husband and we had been occupant of the same for some time now. The guest came to live at our place because they happen to be relative of my husband’s friend. Initially they said that they would be staying for a month and we agreed.

When I returned from my vacation, I found them already occupying the cottage and since it was just for a month I didn’t give much thought on that but their project extended and so did their stay with us. Initially they were always on time and never late but then as their stay prolonged, their behavior changed. They came late at night and rang the bell on the gate. Very often they left the gate open at night letting in some stray dogs.

My water tank went dry because they forgot to close the water taps and I had to ask them to close the water taps in the evening when they did not use it. After that incident I didn’t have enough water to prepare my dinner and I had to fill the buckets and jerricans to store it. Once, I heard the baby crying ( one lady had brought her daughter with her after our arrival). I thought the poor child might have been sick and I rushed to the cottage and I saw, they had cards shuffled on the floor and they had even invited a male guest (someone I had never seen before) and gambling! The child was crying at the corner. I just came back after some words of courtesy.

A few days ago, I was away on a camp. After a hectic week, I returned home to find that my superfluous guests had finally left and I heaved a sigh of relief. J

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