March 28, 2011


Every day I try to battle my day with a smile on my face. Multitasking is something that needs thorough planning but I never learned to plan things in my life. I took the things as it came- one at a time, I am still doing that and I think I am good at what I do. I am a mother, wife, a teacher and a driver and I assume many role as and when needed :P


A mother’s role takes its place when I start my day. Preparing breakfast for my family and packing lunch for my kids, getting them dressed for their school is the only thing I usually do during the work days before I step into the role of a driver. I get my children into the car and drive them to school. On the way, I pick up my friend and her son since she doesn’t drive. I drop my children and then head for my work with my friend and my six year old niece. As soon as I enter the gate, I shed the role of the driver and assume my role as a teacher. 


Greeting the students and getting them ready for the before the start of the assembly is a herculean task when you deal with children of six and seven years old. I somehow convince them to get in line before the start of the assembly and lead them to the class after the assembly. I spend the next five hours with them, listening to them complain, ask questions about things they don’t understand and see them scribble some alphabets in their teeny tiny handwriting. When I finally send them home, I am dead tired but I cannot leave the school premises because there are still things that I have to do like planning lesson for the next day and preparing teaching learning Aids. I finally shed my role as a teacher when the school gets over and resume the role of a driver.


I drop my friends’ home and then head for my house and wait for my children’s return.  In the mean time I and my niece find some lone time together to ask her about her day in the school. My children get home by four in the evening and I get busy helping them with homework. Sometimes, the homework prolong till 8 0’clock making me pop into the kitchen to get the dinner ready in between helping my children and cooking. Sometimes, I even end up burning some dishes in between. My husband comes home as I help the children with the home work and he takes over the task but most of the time, he is busy with this work and I hate to bother him when he has so many things in his mind.


Finally, I serve dinner to my family and send them to bed but my task is not over yet. I have to step into the role of a student. I start browsing the net and gather information for my assignment and contact some friends to be online for some discussion. A few hours into the net and I start feeling drowsy. I check my note and find that I haven’t done any concrete work. I shut down my laptop and get into bed. Tomorrow is another day is another multitasking…

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