March 18, 2011


Frustrations! Frustrations! You cannot help it when you are sand-witched between two bosses.

After rushing through the busy morning hours, I finally drop my children at school and proceed to my work place. I take a look on my watch as I park my car. Yes! I was on time, just as always. The very important value that my parents taught. My father used to say “time is like a river, ever flowing. One need to keep a pace with it in order to make things happen”.

There was still about five minutes before the bell. I took my usual place in the staffroom and waited for the bell to ring. I heard someone calling me and turned around to see my vice principal. “Let’s meet after the assembly. I have to discuss something with the monitors and please inform all the monitors” she said. I informed the others about it when I met them after  few minutes.

After assembly we met in the staffroom as agreed and we were half way through the discussion when the principal barge in and demanded why we had left the classrooms empty. He went on muttering and we hastily picked up our papers and books and left the room. Everyone one had frown on the face as we left but no one said anything.

I reached my classroom with my head throbbing. I knew that we had been scolded without any fault of ours yet no one said anything. I tried to reason out to myself and finally took a pill from my bag to control my throbbing head.

That’s what happens when you have two bosses – the subordinates are sand-witched.

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