June 29, 2010

Feeling blue :(

People say that everything happens for a reason but I am not sure whether I believe that because what ever is happening to me right now doesn’t seem to be in the best of my interest. 

Of late I dread to pick up my cell. Every time the cell rings, I feel my blood run cold dreading for some bad news and I ask my daughter to see who the caller is. My granny is bedridden in the village and my father-in-law is at Thimphu undergoing treatment. My niece is also under medication and now another member of the family is hospitalized. He had missed his exams and was suspected of H1N1 but later he was diagnosed typhoid and now he is said to be suffering form blood cancer and need to undergo chemo therapy. In the mist of all these I don’t need an injury but it happened again. I slipped and injured my leg. I feel so helpless. Can there be anything worse than what's  happening now?

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June 20, 2010

Mother’s concern…

As a child I used to wonder why my mother was always frantic when one of us (her children) was late from school. Once I even asked her why she worried unnecessarily to which she responded that I would have answer to that when I became a mother some day. Now that I have children of my own, I can well understand her fears better.
My worry began when I learned that I was going to be a mother. I worried whether my baby was growing properly in my womb. And I even asked the doctor to see whether my baby had all the limbs on delivery. I worried when my baby didn’t eat and worried when she ate too much. I worried when I left her with the babysitter as I went to work. 
My worry doubled when my son was born. He was very tiny and weighed only 2.9kg, much smaller than his sister
With years the worry has only increased.. Now though both of my children are growing healthy and performing well in their studies, I can’t help worrying; worrying over their health, food, their performance and the list goes on.  When do mothers really stop worrying? 

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June 3, 2010

A message

Dear friend,

“There comes a time when things happen when we least expect. The unexpected turn of events changes our lives forever. The winds of destiny blows, sometimes furiously like a hurricane and we get drifted with its force. At other times it is barely noticeable as it gently fans our cheek. Either way we cannot deny the call of destiny as they hold our untold future” writes Nicholas Sparks in his book “The message in the bottle”.  And life must go on…

Every time I think about the choice that you had made, I can do nothing but to pray that you be happy with the choice that you have made. I can only imagine what you might have gone through but you must remember that you are far greater than you have ever dreamed of being. No matter what you are experiencing in your life right now, trust that all is good and unfolding in your best interest. I know it will take time to heal the wounds that you have suffered.

Do not look back at you past because I know that’s where you pain lies. Past is a grave and it makes no sense living you life in a grave. You cannot move forward in life if you are stuck looking in the rearview mirror. Do not run away from the many adventures that the life has to offer to you. I know your fears but remember that on the other side of your fear you will discover your fortune.

Try to live an excellent life because living an excellent life is a manifestation of self-love. Keep spreading smile. :) 

A well wisher.

June 2, 2010

The lonely soul

As soon as he gets into the room, he starts greeting everyone present there. Sometimes his greetings are followed with a naughty remark and at other time with a smack of laughter from the others. This is the virtual world of the druknet chat room.  Every one in the room knows him as a regular chatter and exchanges some valuable information with him on some occasion but no one has really seen the real soul that resides beneath the stereotype nick he uses -the soul that is lonely and craves for a company. He is usually surrounded by many beautiful ladies in the virtual world but the reality is just the opposite.

His wife left him because they could not understand each other and they decided to go separate ways because it would have destroyed them if they had lived under the same roof. His passion for archery was more than his wife could bear and her nagging was something that he dreaded. So it was better that way.

Now he doesn’t have someone to nag him and he is happy about it but every evening as he climbs the stairs of the building which he call his home, he sense a feeling of loneliness creeping in his heart. The eerie silence that greets him on his arrival home is sometimes unnerving. Thus he find solace in the virtual world and chat away his time until the sleep comes his way.

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June 1, 2010


I have been residing here for some months now and the weather is getting terrible every passing day. Everyday I make sure to watch the weather forecast on the BBS so that I know what to expect the following day.
These days the temperature is almost always between 28° to 29°  but for me, it is more than I can bear. I am used to being in the cooler places. When I comment on the increasing temperature to my colleagues they say that this is just the beginning of the season. Now this makes me think… I can’t imagine what it would be like in the coming months. God help me combat the heat!