June 2, 2010

The lonely soul

As soon as he gets into the room, he starts greeting everyone present there. Sometimes his greetings are followed with a naughty remark and at other time with a smack of laughter from the others. This is the virtual world of the druknet chat room.  Every one in the room knows him as a regular chatter and exchanges some valuable information with him on some occasion but no one has really seen the real soul that resides beneath the stereotype nick he uses -the soul that is lonely and craves for a company. He is usually surrounded by many beautiful ladies in the virtual world but the reality is just the opposite.

His wife left him because they could not understand each other and they decided to go separate ways because it would have destroyed them if they had lived under the same roof. His passion for archery was more than his wife could bear and her nagging was something that he dreaded. So it was better that way.

Now he doesn’t have someone to nag him and he is happy about it but every evening as he climbs the stairs of the building which he call his home, he sense a feeling of loneliness creeping in his heart. The eerie silence that greets him on his arrival home is sometimes unnerving. Thus he find solace in the virtual world and chat away his time until the sleep comes his way.

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