June 29, 2010

Feeling blue :(

People say that everything happens for a reason but I am not sure whether I believe that because what ever is happening to me right now doesn’t seem to be in the best of my interest. 

Of late I dread to pick up my cell. Every time the cell rings, I feel my blood run cold dreading for some bad news and I ask my daughter to see who the caller is. My granny is bedridden in the village and my father-in-law is at Thimphu undergoing treatment. My niece is also under medication and now another member of the family is hospitalized. He had missed his exams and was suspected of H1N1 but later he was diagnosed typhoid and now he is said to be suffering form blood cancer and need to undergo chemo therapy. In the mist of all these I don’t need an injury but it happened again. I slipped and injured my leg. I feel so helpless. Can there be anything worse than what's  happening now?

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  2. hey bella, i am so sorry to hear this. my honest prayers and wishes for you.
    aiee i understand what you are going through. at times life does demand strength to survive even just for a day :(

  3. HI Bella,
    My sincere prayers to you if all these is really happening.

  4. Thanks lotey and LEH (DD)... I need ur prayers to endure all those things happening around me

  5. So sorry that you are going through this. Hope and pray that everything turns out well for you.
    All my best wishes to you.

  6. Thank you for ur wishes Penstar... I really need that.