August 23, 2011

My Hunt for Aqualite slippers

One evening my children returned home excited. They were happy that their school authority had finally agreed to let them wear slippers during the summer months. It was a relief because my children had been washing their stocking every evening after school. They were briefed that they had to wear aqualite slippers and the school authority would not compromise with any other brand.
My hunt for aqualite slippers began from day one. I started visiting every shoe store in the town in search of the said slippers. Some were too small while the others were too large for my children’s feet. Having visited all the shops within the border, I drove across the border in search of the slippers. Every shop I visit they said, “Aqualite nahin hey” without me having to ask them. It was not only me who was looking for the slippers but all the parents residing here. 

August 18, 2011

This is life…

Amidst multitasking I try to keep my blog updated which is next to impossible these days. The queue of assignments to be completed on time (six assignments this month…three submitted online and other three yet to go) and the workload in the workplace with some colleagues absent from work is quite nerve wrecking. 

August 7, 2011

No arms No legs yet No worries…

 I came upon this video by chance and I am really glad that I did. . I was feeling a kind of low as I normally feel these days due to so many things happening that is beyond my control so I got on the net when my fingers suddenly clicked the YouTube link. And loo! What do I see? A man without arms and legs yet he was doing things that even the normal people fail to do. The video showed him meeting people young and old alike and inspiring everyone with his simple talks. Wow! That was something I needed to watch.

August 5, 2011

Insuring the future

A decade ago, some personnel from RICBL came to our work place to sell their insurance schemes and a few of my friends joined the scheme but I turned deaf ears due to the bitter experience I had prior to that. My vehicle which was covered under the comprehensive insurance policy got damaged in an accident but when my husband made the claims, he was made to walk from one office to another saying some documents were incomplete and what not before he could finally settle all the claims and get the full amount and repair the vehicle. (Phew!  It took us about nine months)