August 5, 2011

Insuring the future

A decade ago, some personnel from RICBL came to our work place to sell their insurance schemes and a few of my friends joined the scheme but I turned deaf ears due to the bitter experience I had prior to that. My vehicle which was covered under the comprehensive insurance policy got damaged in an accident but when my husband made the claims, he was made to walk from one office to another saying some documents were incomplete and what not before he could finally settle all the claims and get the full amount and repair the vehicle. (Phew!  It took us about nine months)

A few days ago, another RICBL personnel visited my work place yet again and gave us briefing on the different schemes that the clients can choose from. After thinking about pros and cons, I have finally decided to buy some policies for my two children because I am not getting any younger and my worries over my children’s future is making me age at double the speed. I bought a Youth endowment Assurance policy for my daughter and millennium Education scheme for my son yesterday but I am not yet convinced about how the policies might work out in long run. All I can do for now is rest assured that I have finally decided to think about my own children rather than my extended family for once.


  1. This is a big step taken by you for the interest of your children la. Hope you can reap the best fruit later. Good Luck.
    HappY Weekends ahead la.

  2. Thanks for going through my brokshees :P

    And happy weekend to u too. :)