August 18, 2011

This is life…

Amidst multitasking I try to keep my blog updated which is next to impossible these days. The queue of assignments to be completed on time (six assignments this month…three submitted online and other three yet to go) and the workload in the workplace with some colleagues absent from work is quite nerve wrecking. 

And now what do I hear? The school concert which was scheduled on 17th September has been brought forward due to some unavoidable circumstances. I have volunteered to teach two dance items for class one students and they are still half way through it.  I am convinced that it would take a miracle to save me from nervous breakdown due to the pressure at work and at home (due to assignments).

In the mean time, my readers please forgive me for not updating my blogs (I haven’t touched my TALES RETOLD since ages now :( ). If I ever survive this blizzard, I will definitely try to blog more often. Till then pray for me and my tiny dancers and wish us luck. :)


  1. It's sad to know that you are going through a terrible time but yeah, this is life. I wish good luck to you and your little dancers. Hope you get over it successfully and others works be successfully completed so that we get to see your blog updates :)

  2. Good luck.....i hope your kids..class one students and you make it to the most beautiful thing in the end....
    and as for not being able to blog, you are forgiven, just gets busy ..

  3. Good luck B,I cud literally picture u in the shape u seem to be in ths days...calm down!breath!U can do it!

  4. Oh, that means really busy mosh la. Ny ways best wishes for your multitasks, Hope it will complete successfully on time.
    Your are missed a lot in WAB as well. There is no story around hearths for long...

  5. Thanks langa, Sogyal, dd and leo...m still half a way through my assignments and the dance practice is in full swing. :)

    Leo... I know that I havent written any stories on WAB since ages but that doesnt mean I dont visit WAB. I m a regular visitor there and you guys r doing great job keeping the WAB updated...keep going guys... I might come back there when I have a good story... till then...