August 7, 2011

No arms No legs yet No worries…

 I came upon this video by chance and I am really glad that I did. . I was feeling a kind of low as I normally feel these days due to so many things happening that is beyond my control so I got on the net when my fingers suddenly clicked the YouTube link. And loo! What do I see? A man without arms and legs yet he was doing things that even the normal people fail to do. The video showed him meeting people young and old alike and inspiring everyone with his simple talks. Wow! That was something I needed to watch.

I have all my limbs, all my organs intact and I am physically fit, yet I feel like a disabled and worry so much. So many things are happening around me that is beyond my control and I can’t help feeling depressed. Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand like that of Cinderella’s fairy god mother’s. Swish! And I would make all the things normal again yet nothing as such happens in the real world and one has to bear what has been bestowed upon us and I am doing just that which sometimes is beyond what I can shoulder but I am surviving.

I am glad that I am surviving because I know now that whatever is happening is no more at my hand. The trees are just as green and the birds are singing. The sun is shining as brightly as it was and nothing has changed. The familiar surrounding has not darkened due to my worries nor sickened because of what I am going through. The world is moving at its own pace and I need to move along with it no matter what happens. This phase of dark the hour will pass soon and I also know that the hour is darkest before the dawn and dawn is not far. 

The man (Nick Vujicic) without arms and legs has no worries and the video taught me to appreciate the small things because there are people around the world who are in far worse shape than  I am.

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