February 18, 2011

Sad movies …

I first saw the book “P.S. I love you by Cecelia Ahern” when I was visiting Thimphu a few weeks ago. The friend to whom the book belonged asked me whether I wanted to read to which I declined the offer because I hadn’t planned to stay for long in Thimphu and I was worried about not completing the book. Thus I declined. My stay in Thimphu extended beyond what I had planned and I almost called my friend to ask for the book but then I had other errand and got busy and completely forgot about the book until last week.

Well! My younger brother borrowed my portable drive and when he returned, he had uploaded some movies. He knows that I love watching classic and romance and he always makes sure to transfer some latest movies for me. Impatiently I caught scanned the drive and something caught my attention. I stared hard and saw a movie titles “P.S. I love you”. I knew that I had to watch the movie. Finishing my household chores, I sat on my bed and played the movie.

Half way into the movie, I found myself breathing hard unable to control my tears. The sniffing sound went on for a long time which woke my husband who was sleeping soundly beside me. He looked alarmed to see me in tears in the middle of the night and sat upright and asked me what was going on. I said it was the movie effect. He murmured something and went back to sleep.

Long after the movie ended, I couldn’t sleep. My heart ached for Holly – the girl in the movie and many more girls like Holly who had lost the love of their life to disease like cancer and tumor and the people who are still fighting the loosing battle. The movie brought back painful memories.


  1. I watched the movie long time back...i watched because i like Hillary swank and Gerard Butler....its indeed sad movie..:)

  2. Thanks for going through my blog and the comment Sogyel. It is indeed a very sad movie and I wonder why I cant stop watching the sad movies... I was watching a Korean movie the other day "A moment to remember" another tragic movie :(