February 14, 2011

The New Look

The road I had driven for the past one year looked suddenly different when I drove to work this morning. At first I thought I was seeing things as I was preoccupied with some things related to work because tomorrow my students will be back to school and I had so many things to do to make everything ready when they arrived. But No! I was not dreaming. Something really was different. The road which usually gave me jerk as I drove was very smooth this morning. I slowed my car and drove slowly taking in everything. Over the weekend, I could see that the road had been repaired and the huge boulders which usually hindered while driving had been displaced at the side of the road. Wow! The visit of the VIPs definitely had some positive impact.

When I reached my work place, I commented on the new look of the road and one of my colleagues said that we must thank PM and his review meeting which is scheduled to be held at the end of this month. I couldn't help but agree with her.

When I was returning home for lunch, I saw the engineer who happens to be my friend with the Indian workers working on the riverbank. As I passed her, I remarked "The PM should visit us often". She smiled and didn't say anything but I could guess what she might have been thinking.

As of now, I am glad that I don't have to worry about bumping my car on the boulders which was usually laid in the middle of the road.

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