January 31, 2011

My observation II

The chill wind hit me as soon as I got off the bus. I tried to pull my scarf closer to avoid the wind and at the same time looking for my niece. She was to pick me up from the bus stand. I scanned the crowd and finally spotted her looking frantically, searching for me. Yes! She was there. I waved and she saw me and came towards me and towed me into a waiting taxi.

The taxi speeded into the street and I looked out. I could see people walking the street in diverse attire, trying to keep away cold. A thought crossed my mind  "what are these people doing in the cold?" but then I also realized that I was one of them. I had no reason to be there yet I had come there and that made me one of them. Smiling inwardly I kept quiet but my niece noticed that something was going on in my mind and asked. I simply smiled and said nothing. The streets was as crowded as I had last seen and though the roads had become wider, I could see that the vehicles parked along the roads had increased in number. The ride in the taxi took less than ten minutes and I was on the doorsteps of the house in no time.

My cell rang soon after I had a steaming coffee to get rid of the cold. A friend invited me for dinner and we went out at Ama's restaurant. The dinner was impressive and I decided to take my son out to the restaurant when he arrived.

The next day I decided to visit my friend's mother in the hospital. Well! I was visiting JDWNRH for the first time. I called my friend in advance to come and see me at the gate. I did not want to make a fool of myself by getting lost in the hospital. She was there to see me at the gate during the visiting hours. I spent an hour with her mother and then I was out as soon as the visiting hours were over because I had another appointment. I was to visit a friend and her newborn son. I was very excited because he was her first born. A friend came to pick me up and we headed to her house. I spent the whole afternoon with her and the baby. It was an afternoon well spent and I did not want to leave the cozy atmosphere but then I had another place to visit in the evening. I was visiting another newborn in Changzamtok.

The visit to Changzamtok was something that I will always cherish. I hadn't met Kuenza before but I had read her articles in nopkin.com and we had chatted on few occasions. When Arrogant Buddha called and suggested that we pay her a visit, I agreed instantly. I didn't know what to expect but when we rang the door bell, I knew I had made a right decision. There was no awkwardness. The feeling was mutual. It felt like I was meeting my long lost friends.

My first day at Thimphu was well spent with many fond memories :)

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