January 8, 2011

On a forced diet

We come back from our session in the evening and get busy with the preparation of next day's presentation. I rigorously look for some references in the library and browse the net. The time flies by and we don’t even realize that it’s past the dinner time. Damn! We missed the dinner again. This is the 6th night that we had been here and we never saw the dining hall in the mornings and evenings and the reason we gave was we were too busy.  It’s not that we are so engrossed with the preparation for preparation and other assignments but engaged mostly in the silly tit bits of our life.

In between preparation and chat, we manage to make some coffee and share. The time is after midnight and we are still awake. Shit! Shouldn’t we be in bed? both of us think together aloud and we burst out laughing. Shhh… the people in the next room are sleeping. We shouldn’t be making such loud noise in the middle of the night. And we reluctantly switch off the light and call off the day. 


Tomorrow is another day with another work, another episode and another headache. Might even be another day without dinner ;)

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