January 12, 2011

Watching autumn in my heart

I and my friend (roommate) decided to watch the Korean movie (serial) “ Autumn in my heart”. It was not planned initially because both of us had been very busy with the preparation of group presentation. We worked through Saturday and spent almost half of Sunday on it. (Both of us were working separately since we were in different group) My group members (male) didn’t show their face during the entire preparation time because they said they had other errand. After spending about half of Sunday in the room, we decided to go to the market. We strolled the town, buying nothing of importance. After lunching out, we came back and then sat down to watch the movie.

We had our coffee ready and made ourselves comfortable on the bed and started to watch. A few minutes into the movie, we could not control our tears. The tears running down our cheeks, we continued watching it. After sometime, I checked the time and saw that it was 3.30 in the morning. We didn’t realize that the time had flown. We had a busy schedule the next day with classes and presentation. So we decided to call off the day. By then, we had our eyes swollen and red with tears. I got into my bed and was about to doze off when my friend came with cucumber pieces to put onto our eyes. I couldn’t control my laughter seeing our condition. We were there… two  adults acting like teenagers, giggling in the middle of the night.

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