January 4, 2011

Charged Nu.2 extra

I bought ticket for the public transport enroute to samtse. I was travelling with my two friends to attend the course. We paid Nu. 38 each for the tickets and got onto the bus. The bus was not very crowded when we boarded from the bus stand. I was squeezed between my two friends.  As soon as the bus crossed the Indo-Bhutan boarder, there was a crowd of passenger waiting to board the bus. The conductor started shoving in all the extra passengers. The people started pouring in and the bus got more crowded and there was not a single space to place a foot yet the people kept on boarding. After about five minutes the bus started moving. By then the people sitting on their respective seats were also complaining about the comfortableness of the ride.

My friend who was seated near the door had the most uncomfortable ride of all. A man who was standing behind her seat always jerked forward when the bus moved and a boy standing in front of her had a small bag at his back which kept nudging on her face. Every time the bus stopped to pick up or drop a passenger, she felt more uncomfortable. 


As for me I tried to remain as still as possible because a small movement from me would have caused her more discomfort. After  crossing some tea estate of Hasimara, the conductor started checking the bus ticket. I was wondering how much the conductor would charge for those passengers standing when I got my answer. I saw the people being charged Nu.40 and nudged my friend to see what was happening. She saw  how much the conductor was charging and was looking at the scene with a shocking eye to which I commented “ They are charged Nu. 2 extra for standing” and my other friend burst out laughing.

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