January 6, 2011

Away from home

Being away from home is like a hell but being away during losar is unthinkable. On the eve of losar, my cell rang a numerous times and I got many wishes from family, friends and other well wishers but all those wishes were wasted on me because my only wish was to be with my family on that day which I could not. Sometimes I wish that I had been wise enough not to join this course because though the duration is not very long its seems like ages since I have been here but when I counted the days, I realized that it’s just  three days since I had come here.

I know it sounds foolish and I sound childish but I miss my home and my family. I wish I had wings so that I could fly back to be them in a minutes of time. I wish the sun would run so that my stay here would be over sooner. 



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