August 21, 2012

My Nephew

It has been a while since I had baby-sat. My youngest child turns 11 this September and I have almost forgotten how to handle a small child but I am learning it all over again since my 3 year old nephew came to stay with me. Staying late night…crawling with the child and holding the tiny hands every walking hours seems to be the only thing I seem to do these days.
My nephew came to stay with me after the babysitter left. Unlike the other child of his age, he is far more matured and he has a good grasp of the vocabulary. He can speak Sharchop fluently and he can communicate well in Dzongkha. He dresses in the school uniform and attends the class like any regular students.
He can respond to some common classroom conversation like
“Please, can I go out?”
“please can I come in?”
“My name is…..”
“I am fine”…etc. when asked.
Of late he had started cursing in English as well… One afternoon I was quite shocked to hear him say “Shut up! You piece of Junk!”
Whatever it is…my hands are full with him and I can hardly wait to take him home for his afternoon nap as soon as the class gets over… 
And it’s his  third birthday tomorrow and I am as excited about it as he is. Happy Birthday dear! 

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