September 21, 2012


I have never been much of a writer but I used to be a voracious reader during my younger days which certainly have deteriorated as the years passed and I found myself swept in the whirlpool of my domestic and professional life which left me with a limited time to pursue my one time favourite hobby (reading).

As time went by, I tried scribbling my thoughts and found that I could share my thoughts and ideas to others through my blog and I have been doing that off and on when the time favoured me. But a couple of months back, I started to find my thoughts and ideas shabby and cloudy… I could not complete a paragraph and I disposed it as soon as I started a couple of sentences. I might have disposed about a hundreds of ideas that could have found its way into my blog. I stopped scribbling and started to revive my reading habit.  And now I am glad that I have done that because I can explore the world through the writings of others and I can travel through their infinite thoughts and intensify my own thoughts.

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