October 29, 2012

My Son's favourite character

One of favourite book that my son always talks about is “The chronicles of Narnia” written by C.S.Lewis. I initially bought the book for my daughter when she started reading fiction some years ago but later on when my son started reading, he asked me to read some pages for him whenever he saw the movie “The lion, the witch and the wardrobe”. One reading lead to another and before long I found myself reading all the 7 books in the series and my son soon read them all on his own.

When I read the last of the series, I came upon two characters that shaped the future of all the characters (the talking beasts) in the book. The characters were Shift the ape and Puzzle the donkey. The ape like the name could manipulate his talk and make his friend and the neighbour the donkey do all his work from carrying the water in big skin bottle to running his errand from the towns further down the river yet the donkey never complained because he knew that Shift was far cleverer than himself and he thought it was kind of Shift to be friends with him at all never realizing that the cunning old ape is using him for his own comfort.

Every day we come across people like the ape and the donkey of the story. If at times when we realize our folly in learning the true colours of our friends, do we have the courage to withdraw from them to stick to our beliefs and values?

As a  parent I try to inculcate the value of truth and true friendship in my children through stories and “The chronicles of Narnia” has certainly helped me a lot.

As of now, my son’s favourite character remains “Aslan” the Great lion, the creator and one true king of the world of Narnia.

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