September 13, 2016

Let's give our best Teachers

When need is heeded everything prospers. The need for transformative learning system had been called for by citizens of all walks of life in our country and indeed the awakening to the need had been very timely. The involvement of all the teachers throughout the country in this transformative pedagogy is a history in itself. I am the part of history in making. Never before in my more than two decades of the teaching career have I seen such huge training program.

As I become a part of the history in making, I can only be more positive about all the teachers taking back the new ideas acquired and giving their best in the classrooms for the next generation. I firmly believe in what our His Majesty the Fifth King said, "we cannot give what we do not have". To give our students the best education, the custodian ( teachers) must be equipped with the best curriculum, values and attitudes, strategies and practices. Thus the transformative pedagogy was the tinkering on teachers at the right time.

Bhutan as a tiny nation need to move forward and find its own place in this digital era and prepare our children to survive in this global village. Transformative pedagogy is one step towards preparation of our students for global citizenship. The responsibilities  for the Bhutanese teachers are immense. What we give would impact the lives of next generation. It's time for teachers to rethink and re-evaluate our strategies.Transformative Pedagogy has given us the tools. Let's use it effectively and efficiently.

Bringing all the teachers across the country for one program was a tremendous and almost impossible task but we have seen it happen in our country. And we are a part of it. The next step lies in our hands. So let's all give our best performances in our classrooms and nurturer individual learners. Let there come a day when the citizens of all walks of life in our country would genuinely respect the teachers and trust them without doubts while entrusting the children to us.

All the best and let's do it because  if we have  the will, we can do it. Let's all work together and give our best.


  1. As the last of the group comes to conclude the training, you bring out a clear vision of why we needed this change.
    And I hope rest of the teacher's top keep an indelible memory of it working in our otherwise religiously taught classroom.

  2. Change is inevitable for survival and we must be the agent for change