June 8, 2012


Unlike my previous years, my birthday went unnoticed. L No one remembered my birthday at home until after breakfast when my son suddenly asked the date. He apologized and wished me and wanted to inform his dad about it but I prevented him. I wanted to know how much my husband remembered about the special days though I knew that he would never remember until I tell him. And True to my assumption, he did not wish me even in the evening. He asked for his usual cup of tea in the evening when I accused him of being so absent minded. He looked at me baffled wondering what he might have forgotten. But when he came to know about my outburst he apologized profoundly. All I could say was “Its ok…no big deal”.

I cannot blame him for his forgetfulness for he had never been good at remembering the dates. There were times when he forgot our children’s birthdays while on tour and he would repent later saying that he never had enough time to celebrate those special days with kids.

However the facebookers (facebook never forgets to remind the birthdays) made my birthday memorable like always. So many friends wrote on my wall to wish me well.  Some of the extract from my facebook wall reads

The dusk doomed but the dawn lighted,
with a old day gone, may your new day brings lots of luck.
Many many Happy Returns of the Day

“AAAhhh !!!!!! B'day Madamji.........many many happy returns of the day and may this day be filled with loads of joyous blast and beautiful days ahead.....Once again happy B'day !!!!

“Happy birthday. Hope this birthday will bring you inspirations to write many, many stories.

Thank you all for making me feel special and for the reminder that I am a year closer to my heavenly grave… a step closer to the end of my chapter….

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