June 14, 2012

The Rebel in me...

This morning, I walked to my school in anticipation as my students would sit for their exams soon. I wanted to check into the rooms assigned for my students before they commence their writing and what did I find? There wasn’t any arrangement for class PP to III students. The teachers teaching those primary classes were supposed to make their own arrangements. I as a teacher teaching one of those classes wasn’t aware of it and it was unheard of in my entire teaching career. I couldn’t help the rebel in me emerge and speak out.

After the assembly got over, I walked over to the examination in-charge and asked about the issue. It was very disheartening to learn that it had been a practice the previous year and had become a kind of school culture. The teachers teaching the primary classes were to make arrangements for their students to write exams and at the same time help the higher classes in invigilation. My… my… I couldn’t tolerate such injustice and the step motherly treatment under one administration.

The committee felt that they would keep up with the practice that they had been following the previous years. I couldn’t help questioning them “Do everyone agree on it?”  When someone speaks out it means not everyone agrees to those practices and it calls for change.  It indicates that we need to shed the cocoon of limitations that had developed and prevented us from excellence and break away from it to widen our mental horizon and improve ourselves. We cannot always agree on the past practices if those practices are not comfortable and reasonable enough and it’s time to move forward and open our thoughts for change.

"Give a day's work for a day's pay. Anything less is stealing" writes Nicholas Sparks in Note book. As a teacher, I am paid to teach the students and guide them to be someone who will be able to stand on their own feet someday. I would stand for their rights even if I am the only person at the other side of the fence because I am responsible for them. Call it aggression or whatever but I stand true to myself and at the end of the day I want to be able to look into the mirror without a feeling of guilt.

At the end I could make the examination committee see through  reasons make proper arrangements. 


  1. I applaud your courage to have stood for your right and rightfully raising the issue and successfully making them realize the mistake. Appreciations! A nice post, ma'am. Keep posting.

  2. Thank You Langa for the lovely comment. I m glad that I could speak up for all my friends and my students... :)

  3. I guess it is your new school rite madam. Great that your could induce such a positive change not only in the system but in the attitude of people.
    Cheers madam. May the little masters do their best in exam.

  4. Thanks Lethro...seems the rebel in me comes out once in a while when the need arises... Keeping my fingers crossed with regard to the kids' exams... :)

  5. Rebel is not the right word, you have been an activist. We make cultures, we should change cultures for greater good, and I am very proud that you stood up to fight for a cause. It not only helps you this time, it helps the whole system. And by writing about it you are sharing the good spirit of democracy even further. Thumbs Up.

  6. As i read through your post mam..i was more of dishearten than surprised to learn such carelessness in your school and more than that what heart me is that i have been the student of that school and my junior having to go through such difficulties hurts me more on top of that Jomothshangkha temperature must be rising high to keep them open under the sky to write what they have awaited to do ...hope and sincerely pray that things will soon change for good...

  7. @Passu Sir... thanks for your inspiring comments... I strive to do best in the interest of our learners...
    @Bunu..rest assured... things will not remain the same... arrangements are already made and the student's need are taken care of...