July 27, 2010

A night with nights in Rodanthe

Someone had talked about the movie version of the book “nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks and I was very eager to lay my hands on it but I wanted to read the book first. After a much wait, I found myself opening the book yesterday. The much awaited book was in my hand and I gingerly opened the book after having sent my kids to bed.

As I went through the book, I lost track of time. My coffee was forgotten, the TV played in low volume and my husband seemed to be in another world sleeping noiselessly beside me but I was unaware of them all. Turning the pages transported to another place at another time with the character Adrienne. And then I heard the shrill alarm ringing, reminding me to take my dose of midnight medicine. Taking a few minutes break to take my medicine, I was back to where I had left.

I was almost at the end of the novel when I felt the tremor. At first it was hardly noticeable but as seconds passed the tremor became intense and with that intensity the memory of the previous year came flooding. Though the tremor lasted only few seconds, it reminded me of the earthquake that changed the life of hundreds in eastern Bhutan. Long after it stopped I sat on my bed with the last few pages of the book unread, uncertain of what the news might be of the people in the earthquake prone area, especially Mongar because some of my family lives there. I tried calling them but their cells were switched off and there was nothing I could do then to wait.

Reluctantly I opened the last remaining pages and read through it. 
It was indeed very refreshing to learn that love was and is the essence of a full and wonderful life despite all the odds we have to go through. In our hours of depression and sorrows some books motivates us to move forward and that’s what “nights in Rodanthe” did to me … Thank You Nicholas Sparks.
Photo: http://www.nicholassparks.com