August 9, 2010

Thank You

Of late I have been emotionally low. Things aren’t going on as I had wished. There isn’t any improvement in my father-in-law. I hate to see him suffer in pain. He had been in that condition since many months. The trip to hospital and back home has been a frequent affair these days. How much ever I hate hospitals, I cannot avoid going there. And the other patient who is under going treatment in Kolkata is still in the same condition. I sometimes wish for Aladdin’s lamp so that I can make everything normal in a jiffy.
To add to my woes, my daughter injured her arm when she slipped on the road while returning home from school. She has been taken to West Bengal for homeopathic treatment.  Despite all these I try to smile and act normal at work. A very few close friends know about what I m going through and they are very supportive. Thank you, my friends for being there for me at all times. Without you all I would not have come this far.

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