July 20, 2010

The Olympic day 2010

I got to the public ground at 5 O’clock in the morning and it was raining very heavily. There were many participants eagerly waiting for their friends to turn up so that they could head off to the starting point. They were participating for the open marathon organized by the BOC to celebrate the world Olympic day 2010. Despite the weather everyone looked forward to the day’s events.  
I was the first among the volunteer to be there. As the minutes clicked by many other volunteers joined me, all dressed in yellow T-shirt and white caps. It was quite an amazing sight to behold. We got to work assigned a day earlier and it was fun working in rain. We got drenched but we enjoyed every bit of time spent there. It was only when a friend asked whether I had breakfast when I realized that I hadn’t had a cup of tea till 10 O’clock in the morning which was so unusual of me. J  The day ended with prize distribution and we all headed home tired but contented. 

Note: I wrote this on 18th July but couldn't post it due to busy schedule.

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