July 22, 2010

The promise of dawn

The night was creeping in but the weather did not change. The rain was as heavy as ever and the platter of raindrops could be heard on the roof in between the deafening thunder and lightening. To make it worse the frequent thunder and lightening had resulted in power cutoff. She wished for the weather outside to change. She could smell the dampness in her room and wished for sunshine in her room as well as her life.

Her life had been floating downstream for a couple of months but she hadn’t lost her hope of seeing the silver lining among the dark clouds.

Her life had been perfect just a few months ago before it came crashing down. Her life revolved around her grandmother who had toiled hard to get her educated. She did not have a single memory of her parents. She was told that they died in an accident and there wasn’t even a picture to remember them by. When she was small she sometimes asked her grand mother about her parents but as she grew, she didn’t feel the need to know her parents, so she just knew their names from her birth certificate she possessed. Her grand mother became her world.

When she graduated she got herself a job and made her grandmother quit her job since her health was deteriorating. With determination and hard work she climbed the ladder of success and got promoted to a team leader in the firm she worked. Being a team leader was very challenging but she loved facing challenges and turning them into opportunities and success. Everything was perfect when suddenly her world came crashing down. One night she was chatting with her grandmother and the next morning she found that she was all alone in the world. She felt her grandmother’s cold body and felt herself becoming breathless. The next thing she remembered was waking up in the hospital bed. She had survived a major cardiac arrest and  was advised bed rest. Since then nothing was what it used to be.  Her work suffered as well as her health.
The weather outside reminded her of her present condition – helpless, bedridden and lonely. She thought of her grandmother and knew that her grandmother would not have wanted her to be that way. She was a survivor and knew that she would strive to live the life her grandmother wanted her to live. The long night gave way to dawn  and with it brought the promise and hope.
She could see her silver lining among those dark clouds as the dawn began to break…

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