July 6, 2010

My bleak summer break

I had planned to spend my summer holidays with my parents in the village. I had even made a list of things I would do to help them during my two weeks break. My kids were all excited and then pop! my plans blew up! My brother-in-law got diagnosed with a terminal cancer and was referred to Thimphu. My husband had to rush to Thimphu since his father was also under going treatment there.
In the mean time I had that little accident where I hurt my toe and my nail came off. I had to stay under medication for sometime which disabled me from making any journey. Thus I got stuck up at the same place.
The only positive thing about the vacation is that my toe is healing and I am having enough rest.
The days are filled with watching TV and playing online games and face booking yet I feel so bored. My kids are complaining of boredom too. We take turns to play online games and watch TV together yet we feel something is amiss.  We want to take a breath of fresh air but the weather discourages us from outdoor games. So we are stuck with doing same things over and over again.
I haven’t told my kids about their uncle, grandpa and their great mother (who is also bed ridden in the village)  and try to make the days as normal as possible but I wonder for how long. Sooner or later I am going to break down because I cannot keep on pretending everything is all right when it’s just the opposite.

We still have one more week before the session resumes and I am already looking forward to that because I find no charm in sitting idly with nothing to do and worrying over things that I have no control over.

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  1. Wai madam,
    I really wish all your problems will be washed away by the summer rains...and regarding sitting with nothing to do, well, go out in the rains and if it isn't raining, start practising dance in the house so that the moment it rains you can go out and dance.

  2. Thanks DD,
    dancing in the rain these days doesnt have the charm like that of the first showers. As for the dance practice I have for gotten the rhythm... hmmmm may be the old age is catching up with me ... ;)